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About the Lee County Charitable Fund/ The County Endowment Fund

The Lee County Charitable Fund is a permanent endowment fund of The Keokuk Area Community Foundation. The Lee County Impact Grant was a new grant program created by The Lee County Charitable Fund to provide a larger funding impact and address needs in our Lee County communities. The first Lee County Impact Grant Recipient is Elliott Test Kitchen in Fort Madison Iowa. Elliott Test Kitchen was awarded $25,000.00.

Elliott Test Kitchen Impact Grant Project

The mission of the Elliott Test Kitchen is to inspire passion for life-long learning and appreciation for healthy food. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Elliott Test Kitchen saw an increase of students utilizing their services. The 2020 Lee County Impact Grant will provide funding to address the educational and nutritional needs of local youth that participate in Elliott Test Kitchen’s programs during the current economic situation. Elliott Test Kitchen will provide free educational opportunities for local youth to engage in online learning classes. Students will also be able to use new Chromebooks, connect to free hotspots, and receive free educational materials.

To monitor and facilitate these online classes, the Elliott Test Kitchen will hire local qualified teachers to conduct and teach these virtual classes and to provide support for students with their homework and ACT prep. Elliott Test Kitchen will also provide cooking classes to teach students in the art of healthy food preparation at home. Underprivileged students will also be provided with the necessary ingredients to prepare meals at home for them and their families.

With the current situation with school closures and the deprivation of educational needs in our county, Elliott Test Kitchen aspires to be the first provider of educational opportunities to the desiring youth of Lee County to narrow the educational gap between this previous school year and the upcoming school year.